Gear and Equipment

In addition to the CERT backpack kit provided to team members, some members choose to buy additional items. The items and vendors listed here are from suggestions by individual members.

Members can mail suggestions to the webmaster.


Army Navy Surplus on Davie Road offers a discount to Davie CERT members (show your CERT ID).

BePrepared.com specializes in emergency food and water supplies and storage

CERT-Kits.com specializes in CERT-related gear and equipment

CMC Government Supply has categories including CERT gear and emergency preparedness supplies

GetReadyGear.com sells survival kits, CERT gear, food, water, first aid items, etc.

HurricaneStore.com sells emergency radios (AM/FM/Weather), solar chargers, emergency and first aid supplies, food/water, tools, etc.

Packs 4 Survival sells kits, packs, and items for various uses/scenarios (CERT, home, office, automobile, pets, etc)

RedESupply sells emergency kits and supplies including CERT gear

SurvivalPacks.com is another vendor of kits/packs focused on various uses and scenarios

SurvivalSolutions.com sells 72 hour kits, CERT kits and supplies, etc.


A Reflective/Glow-in-the-dark ID arm band ID holder to hold your town CERT ID card.

LA Police Gear's own brand cargo pants offer a lot of features and are well made while also quite inexpensive. Available in green and in several varieties including Elastic Wasitband (comfy!). These pants also have an internal knee pocket designed to fit the 5.11 brand internal kneepads.