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Next Ham Radio Classes starting in July

You've been asking when the next class will be -- here it is!

Amateur Radio (Ham) Technician Licensing Class
Staring July 12 for 4 weeks at Westside Regional Medical Center in Plantation

Sponsored by the Davie-Cooper City Amateur Radio Club (DCARC)

This class will prepare you to take the entry-level Technician class FCC license exam. The class is free, but the exam is $15. You will also want the class manual, available for purchase.

For details see the ARRL Website listing for this class

Citizen Corps Communications Symposium

The first-ever Southeast Florida Regional Citizen Corps Communications Symposium scheduled in Palm Beach County on April 12, 2014. Registration is open and there is no charge to attend. The state of the art Safe School Institute on the campus of Don Estridge Middle School in Boca Raton will house all of the conference activities. Sessions will focus on emergency communications - one of the most critical components of disaster response.

The array of conference activities embodies the conference’s theme, “Expanding Your Toolbox.” This one-day symposium will allow participants to choose from nearly 20 different sessions offered throughout the day. The variety of sessions are designed to appeal to the beginning and experienced communication operator as well as others interested in getting involved in emergency communications. Conference activities include an opening session, five breakout sessions, lunch with a keynote address, and a display area showcasing some of the areas emergency communication vehicles and equipment.

The conference committee secured high-caliber presenters that are guaranteed to dazzle attendees with dynamic and informative presentations. One of the presenters is traveling from Canada! The aim of conference planners is to offer CERTs, amateur radio operators, persons interested in emergency communications, and other civilian response partners with the critical information to help build a safer, stronger, and better prepared community.

To register and for more information visit

Amateur (Ham) Radio Class Offered Free of Charge

An Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) operator class offered to the community will begin on Saturday, February 2, 2013, at the Davie Police Department located at 1230 South Nob Hill Road. The free classes will be held on four successive Saturday mornings, from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. The material taught and learned in the class will enable the student to obtain the Amateur Technician Class license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). A test (free of charge) will be offered on February 23, the final day of class.
What do ham radio operators do? The number of activities enjoyed by hams is nearly limitless. For example:
  • Talk to people on the radio living as close as your own neighborhood or as far away as the other side of the world.
  • Participate in local, state, and world-wide contests.
  • Help with communications during local events.
  • Assist with vital communications during periods of disaster when land lines and cell phones go out-of-service.
This is not CB radio. The Amateur Radio Service is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission and licensing is required. Given the privileges enjoyed by amateurs, testing and licensing ensures that people operate correctly and within the rules that govern amateur radio.
Anyone can be licensed as an amateur, as long as you are not an official representative of a foreign government. There is no age restriction (there are many teenagers who are hams), and there is no cost for the course. You do not even need to own a radio. All you will need is a basic calculator and, although not mandatory but highly recommended, a book called The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, 2nd Edition. This book can be obtained locally from Mike’s Electronics located at 1069 N.W. 53rd Street in Ft. Lauderdale, phone 954-491-7110. Make sure it is the newest edition, valid from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2014. The older manual is no longer valid for the current question pool. Various sources on the internet like and also provide this manual. To learn more about the world of Amateur radio:

Please contact Rob Frailing for more information.
Phone: 954-701-3966
Call sign: AJ4SB